Twist and Mix — Learning colors free game for kids!

Guess what color will be after you mix two different colors. Press Go! 🚀

The multicolored spinner will mix two colors with wonderful special effects. For every three correct answers, you will receive a reward.

Take all the prizes and help the boy complete the rainbow! 🌈

What features does the Twist & Mix have?

⭐️ All colors are signed and voiced by professional actors, especially for your child to remember the names of colors both visually and by ear!

⭐️ The game has colorful illustrations and special effects that will please your child

⭐️ Music and sounds are cheerful and unobtrusive, specially selected for children

⭐️ Cheerful animation and fireworks at the end of the game as a lovely bonus 🎆🎇

⭐️ You can play absolutely free!

⭐️ Do you think that it is easy to guess what kind of color to get if you mix blue and red? Perhaps the game will not seem so easy. Test yourself right now!

How to play. 

🔹 Guess a color that would be after mixing the other two and press GO button.

🔹 You’ll see that the spinner is picking up speed and mixing two colors.

🔹 At this time there will show up beautiful special effects. Also, you can change the effects’ size during the game, or you can choose another effect from your chest. Initially, only two items are available. You can add 18 more from «Wonder Shop» free by watching the adverts. 👍

🔹 If you guessed the right color, you can go to the next level. Don’t worry if not, try it again. Every three passed levels will give you a beautiful diamond. With your diamonds, you will help the boy to collect your joint rainbow. 
The fully collected rainbow will please the boy and in honor of your victory, he will show you big fireworks!

If you want to help me with the translation of the game into your native language, please contact me by mail listed below.

I developed this game for children of preschool and primary school age to explore the variety of colors and shades.

Thank you for playing Twist & Mix!

The task of guessing the color when mixing the other two makes the game interesting for older children too.
You can check the correctness of the answers by mixing gouache or watercolor on the palette with your child. Feel like a magician! 😁

To contact the developers please email 📮: